Do NISSIN cup noodles soba like “Yakisoba” in Europe suit Japanese’ taste ?

Today I ate and compared tastes of NISSIN cup noodles soba.
I’m Japanese and live in Germany now.
I write how Japanese feel tastes of NISSIN cup noodles soba.
NISSIN is one of the Japanese food companies, so I’m wondering if tastes of their products made for European people suit Japanese.



Onions, chicken and something elase contain in it.
I taste a little smocky, but I think the taste isn’t deeper than what I was expecting.
I guess Japanese aren’t very satisfied with it.



Chilli peppers and cabbage contain in it.
I taste spicy and paprika. While eating it you will sweat.
I think some Japanese who like spicy taste may prefer it.



Shiitake mushrooms and various vegetables contain in it.
I think I taste a little caramel, mild and Umami.
This taste is complicated, so most Japanese like it !



Vegetables and really small meat contain in it.
It tastes brown souce and only a little bit spicy.
I think it tastes the almost same taste and texture as Japanese actual Yakisoba.


Overall, I think Japanese prefer their texture and their tastes are acceptable for Japanese.
I think Japanese like Classic or Teriyaki the best among them.


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