Recommended Japanese Izakaya in Munich from Japanese

There are some Japanese restaurants in Munich. I’m Japanese and actually I went there, so I will introduce a good Japanese Ramen Izakaya “AOI Ramen” in Munich to you.

1. Japanese restaurants in Munich

First of all I will show you some Japanese restaurants in Munich as the following.
①SAM – sushi and meat
Address:Ligsalzstraße 30, 80339 München, Germany
②Shoya Izakaya
Address:Platzl 3, 80331 München, Germany
③Ohayou Sushi Restaurant
Address:Belgradstraße 71, 80804 München, Germany
④IZAKAYA Asian Kitchen & Bar München
Address:Landsberger Str. 68, 80339 München, Germany
⑤AOI Ramen
Address:Volkartstraße 22, 80634 München, Germany

2. AOI Ramen

I show you Japanese Izakaya “AOI Ramen” where I went actually.

(1) The reason why I recommend the restaurant

The foods at the restaurant taste actual Japanese foods. You can also drink Japanese beer and sake. You can eat Ramen for finishing off. So you can experience the actual Japanese way to drink at Izakaya.

(2) How to go there

You get off a train at U1 line, Rotkreuzplatz station and go along Nymphenburger Str. for about 4 minutes. At the 2nd corner you turn right and go straight for about 2 minutes. You can see AOI Ramen at the left side.

(3) Menu

I will show you some foods at the restaurant.
【Recommended foods】
・Gyoza (10 pieces) with rice 9,80 EURO
⇒Fried dumplings with minced chicken filling
・Vegetable Gyoza (10 pieces) with rice 9,80 EURO
⇒Fried dumplings with vegetable filling
・Teriyakidon 6,80 EURO
⇒Teriyaki chicken on rice with Japanese mayo
・Karaage (3 pieces) 6,80 EURO
⇒Fried chicken pieces
・Takoyaki (4 pieces) 5,80 EURO
⇒Fried octopus pieces in dough balls
・Edamame 4,80 EURO
⇒Japanese cooked green soybeans
・Kinpira 4,80 EURO
⇒Japanese root vegetables cooked the Japanese way
・Kaiso Salad 4,80 EURO
⇒Seaweed salad with sesame seeds
・Kimuchi 4,80 EURO
⇒Pickled Chinese cabbage with chilli and garlic
・Menma 4,80 EURO
⇒Bamboo shoots with chili sauce
・AOI Ramen (salty taste with yuzu lemon) 12,80 EURO
・Shio Ramen (salty taste) 11,80 EURO
・Shoyu Ramen (soy sauce taste) 10,80 EURO
・Miso Ramen (miso taste) 12,80 EURO
・Tan Tan Men (spicy miso taste with sesame) 13,80 EURO
・Kara Miso Ramen (spicy miso taste) 13,80 EURO

(4) Review

I ate Karaage,Chicken Nanban, Gyoza, Takoyaki, Ramen and so on. All of them had actual Japanese taste and texture. I drank beer made from Japanese breweries, Asahi super dry and Kirin ichiban. In Japanese way, we usually eat some food while drinking alcohol and afterwards eat ramen for finishing off. When I went there, I actually did that as usual. I started eating Karaage, Gyoza and Takoyaki while drinking beer. Afterwards I switched from beer to Japanese sake because I was full a little bit. Although I went there with my Japanese friends, we poured it on each other. In Japan it’s polite to pour someone’s drink and have them pour it for you. If you go there with your friends, you should try it !


If you go there, you can enjoy actual Japanese foods and drinks. You can also eat Ramen for finishing off and enjoy the actual Japanese way to drink there.


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