“Privatbrauerei Ayinger” English Brewery tour

I went to “Privatbrauerei Ayinger” English brewery tour in September 2020.
They make Lager Hell, Bräuweisse, Altbairisch Dunkel and so on. I feel Bräuweisse has less fenolic aroma than other wheat beer.
Normally you can have only German tour, but in only September you can also have English tour !
Today I introduce this tour to you.

How to apply

You can apply for the tour with a contact form from the following link.
Contact form to Privatbrauerei Ayinger

How much ?

150,00 €/90 min tour(Group of up to 10)

How to go

If you want to go there from Munich central station, you should just get on the S 7 to aying station.
The 2 trains leave for the station an hour. It takes about 40 minutes.
You can reach the brewery from aying station on foot for about 10 minutes. You can find the brewery like the following picture.

Address:Gewerbegebiet An der Münchner Straße, Münchener Str. 21, 85653 Aying, Deutschland


You can see all processes with explanation from a tour guide.
I drank beer in the middle of brewing in the storage tank right then !
This experience was rare although I have been to many brewery tour in Germany.

After the tour I went to Ayinger Bräustüberl for my lunch. It took about 5 minutes from Privatbrauerei Ayinger.
Address:Münchener Str. 2, 85653 Aying, Deutschland

You can enjoy fresh beer made in Privatbrauerei Ayinger and German dishes. When I was there, I ate “Schweinehaxe” Dunkel beer sauce which had rich teste covered the poak, so it was really delicious !

I happened to find the place of the Privatbrauerei Ayinger symbol !


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