Why are there so many vending machines in Japan ?

Were you surprised there are so many vending machines everywhere in Japan when you were in Japan ?
You might think it’s very convenient you can buy anything everywhere.
Now I live in Germany, so on the contrary I’m surprised there are few vending machines here exept for at a big station.

Most Japanese vending machines sell beverage including beer.
There are also vending machines for Ramen, grilled rice balls, ice cream, cigarettes and so on.

You must think “Why are there so many vending machines in Japan ?”
There are main two reasons as the following.

1. Japan is very safe.

Crime rate in Japan is much lower than Germany, UK, USA and so on.
So there are also so many automatic teller machines at every convenience store in Japan.
That’s impossible in the countries where crimes happen very frequently because someone would steal stuffs and money.
This is one of the advantages in Japan.

2. Japanese don’t have time

As many foreign people already know, Japanese work for longer time.
So it’s very convenient for such Japanese that they can buy anything everywhere.

On the other hand, there are some unique vending machines !
Do you know Japanese dashi ? You can buy it from vending machines !
It’s very important and Japanese use it for many Japanese dishes. It adds complicated Umami to dishes !
As I live in Germany now, there is no seasonings here to add such a complicated Umami.
The company “Dashi Doraku” sells it by vending machines in Japan.
If you know details, you can see them from the following link.
Where are vending machines for Japanese Dashi ?


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