Why did “Demon Slayer” get very popular in Japan ?

If you like Demon Slayer, have you ever thought “Why did Demon Slayer get very popular in Japan ? ” ?
Demon Slayer started in 2016. At that time 5 million copies were published. In Japanese manga we wouldn’t say this number isn’t very big, so we didn’t think Demon Slayer was popular. But in 2019 anime of Demon Slayer started in Japan. Because of this anime the number of copies reached 60 million ! The theme song of this anime is also popular ! You can listen to this from the following YouTube program. This was how Demon Slayer got very popular in Japan.

1. The general outline

A hero in Demon Slayer is “Tanjiro Kamado”. He is a really kind boy and loves his family. He has sisters and one of them is “Nezuko Kamado”.
On a day his family was killed by demons and demons changed Nezuko into a demon. Normally demons like to eat human beings, but she was the only demon who didn’t eat human beings. But nobody didn’t know the reason.
Tanjiro wanted to revert her back very much.
In this world there is a military only for killing demons. People have to pass the special exam to enter the military. He passed the exam and is looking for how to revert Nezuko back to human beings with killing demons.

2. Why did Demon Slayer get very popular in Japan ?

Demon Slayer has different points from other Japanese manga in the past.

(1) The hero is very kind

He doesn’t want to fight demons to tell the truth, but he has to do that to get keys to revert his sister back to human being. When he killed demons, he behaved so kindly to them while they were disappearing. In Japanese manga for boys in the past, some heroes like to fight enemies, so they never behave like Tanjiro after winning them. Tanjiro is nice not only to family and friends but also to demons.

(2) Main topic is “How important Family love is”

Normally in Japanese manga for boys, main topics are friendship, effort and victory. All demons were originally human beings and they were changed into demons by a demon. When they are killed, their memories in their human age are described as very painful memories. You may feel all demons aren’t completely bad when you see their memories although they eat human beings. The author of Demon Slayer shows “How important family love is.” by describing not only Tanjiro’s personality and behavior but also demons’ experiences in their human age.

It seems women like these points, so Demon Slayer became very popular with not only men but also women in Japan although Demon Slayer is for boys. Some people say the author might be a woman.


What the hero is very kind and How important family love is are mainly described in Demon Slayer. Nobody has seen such a manga for boys in Japan, so Demon Slayer became very popular in Japan.


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