How to apply for extension of VISA in Freising, Germany

I extened the date of type D of VISA for researcherin Freising in August 2020. I already got the VISA valid for 6 months from the German embassy in Japan. Today I introduce how I extended my VISA to you.


I couldn’t book the date for the application before I registered as a resident.
So I sent the registraion sheet as a PDF to the foreigners office soon after I registered as a resident and adjusted the schedule for the application.
You can find the E-mail address of the foreigners office in Freising from the following link.
The foreigners office in Freising

【Necessary documents】

In my case I was asked for the following documents by the officer.
・The application sheets for all applicants and their 1 copies
・Medical insurance valid in Germany translated into English and its 1 copy
・The document where the area of the house and the rent in EURO are written and its 1 copy
・1 picture for passport per applicant
・Actual certificate from the University about my activity
・The proof of securing your livelihood
In my case I brought my certificate of employment, income certificate, certificate of savings and their 1 copies.
・Fee: about 113 EURO
Actually I got the following sentences about necessary documents from the officer.

【Tha day for the application】

At first you should only the application sheets.
Afterwards a officer would keep asking for your documents and you should pass the documents as you follow the request.
In the past my friend got the medical insurance from Japanese company valid in Germany and he got rejected because of Japanese insurance when he applied for VISA in Freising.
He was required to get German insurance to get VISA.
In my case I also got Japanese medical insurance, but I wasn’t rewuired that.
I guess it would be different depending on the person, so it would be better that you get German medical insurance.

【Getting VISA】

I applied on 13th August 2020 and got VISA on 29th October 2020. When I got VISA, I was asked really easy questions.

I would appreciate if this information would help you to apply for VISA.


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