How to buy SIM card from telekom and put on your smartphone in Germany

I moved to Freising in Germany from Japan on 2nd August 2020, so I bought SIM card from telekom.
Today I introduce how to buy it and put on the smartphone in Germany to you. If you want to use telekom, my experience would help you.

1. How to buy SIM card

You have to register as a resident in Germany before buying SIM card.
When you buy it, you have to show your registration sheet as a resident and your passport.
In my case anyway I bought MAGENTA MOBIL PREPAID M (10 EURO). You can put your money on your smartphone later.

2. How to put on a smartphone

First of all you enter to the following link.
Put your money on a smartphone
You can decide how much you put on your smartphone.

You write your phone number.

You write your E-Mail address.

You write your password.

You choose how to pay.

You put a check in a box below. If you need the receipt, you should put a check in a box above. Afterwards you go on “JETZT ZAHLEN”.

That’s all. I would appreciate if this information could help you.


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