How to make an electrical contract with Freisinger Stadtwerke, an energy company in Freising, Germany

I moved to Freising in Germany from Japan on 2nd August 2020, so I made an electrical contract with Freisinger Stadtwerke.
Today I introduce how to make the contract to you.

【1st step】

You enter into the homepage of Freisinger Stadtwerke from the following link.
Homepage of Freisinger Stadtwerke


【2nd step】

You choose a payment plan you want. In my case I chose “MiniStrom” because I was going to live in Germany by myself.
If you use small amount of electricity, you should choose the plan “MiniStrom”.
In this plan kilowatt hour price is 28,60 Cent/kWh and basic price per month is 8,10 EURO.
If you live with your family, you may choose the plan “MaxiStrom”
In MaxiStrom kilowatt hour price is 28,10 Cent/kWh and basic price per month is 9,10 EURO.
You enter into “Online Anmeldung” for the plan you want.


【3rd step】

You write your information in the form. Before writing it you have to see the number of your electrical meter and the meter reading because you have to write them in the foam. If you fill out the form, you send it.
You can get a confirmation E-Mail from Freisinger Stadtwerke later.

I think it’s easy to register it. I would appreciate if this information could help you.


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