4 different ways to say “Good night” in Japanese

You say “Good night.” as a greeting before you go to bed. You can translate it into “Oyasuminasai”/「おやすみなさい」in Japanese. We have other expressions. I will introduce them.

1. Oyasuminasai/おやすみなさい

We often say “Oyasuminasai”/「おやすみなさい」as a greeting before we go to bed. This is a natural and a little bit of polite expression. But we don’t usually say it to our bosses or elderly colleagues. I say it to my wife’s parents. You can also say “Oyasumi”/「おやすみ」as a casual expression. This is also a natural and common expression. I say it to my friends or family, but normally don’t say it to someone whom I don’t know.

2. Dozooyasumikudasai/どうぞお休やすみください

This is a very polite and formal expression and we rarely say it. This is not common although you can say it to your bosses in the workplace.

3. Iiyumemitene/いい夢ゆめ見みてね

This is a very casual expression and not common. I have never used it, but my younger sister said it to her son who was 3 years old. Normally you shouldn’t say it to eldery people.

4. Mataashita/また明日あした

This is a casual and natural expression. I say it to my friends sometimes, but normally we say “Oyasuminasai”/「おやすみなさい」or “Oyasumi”/「おやすみ」.


It’s common you say “Oyasuminasai”/「おやすみなさい」or “Oyasumi”/「おやすみ」as a greeting before going to bed. But it’s better you don’t say them to someone whom you don’t know. You can also say “Dozooyasumikudasai”/「どうぞおやすみください」, “Iiyumemitene”/「いいゆめてね」or “Mataashita”/「また明日あした」, but they are not really common, so I recommend you should say “Oyasuminasai”/「おやすみなさい」or “Oyasumi”/「おやすみ」.


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